Wayne Meeks Memorial Tournament

Last weekend, we were honored to be a sponsor at the Wayne Meeks Memorial Tournament. We had a lot of fun!

Weatherization Training

Training former military personnel in weatherization and energy efficiency. These guys love to learn!

First Ever Gas Leak Detection Class!

Another great class from Centerpoint! This time, they are learning how to properly detect and flag gas leaks.

Annual Weatherization Training

Such a fantastic crew! We appreciate your interest in improving your knowledge of the weatherization industry.

A Note to All Rheem Students

To all the Rheem students that went through our training, a BIG Thank You! You all were engaged, open, candid and insightful. Rheem can be proud of the way you represented your company. Hope we have the opportunity to continue the training.

OSHA Class near the Holidays

We love this class! It may be small, but they are very inquisitive!

Thanks to All who Participated in the Magazine Article

As Melissa posted November 22nd concerning the Sustainable Conservation House article, we want to thank all those who helped participate in this unique training tool for our area. We accomplished this using public and private funding, with a collaborative effort of local vendors, suppliers, contractors, and volunteers. The staff at EEDD Inc. wish all of you a Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas.

The Bell Tower Article

When a House Is More than a Home

This is a great article about the Sustainable Conservation House in Fort Smith, Arkansas. This is from The Bell Tower Fall/Winter 2017. Thanks to all the wonderful people at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith and their kind words. We look forward to the upcoming year with new innovative and exciting training opportunities.

Our Last Group of Students for Rheem

What a great class! They only have two weeks left. We sure are going to miss them!


Update 1/9/2018 from a student

Hey Rick,

I was in one of your classes from Rheem.  I know you probably won’t remember me , maybe this will help , there are still 128 ounces in a gallon, lol.  I was in the class with Billye, Christina , Leonard, Jenifer, and Alethia.

I just wanted to thank you again for being such a good instructor.  I was inspired by your method of teaching .

I  also just passed my Certified Quality Technician exam , which was a milestone for me , and wanted to let you know that because of what I learned in your class and from what you told us about how you don’t have a job , but enjoy what you do , that was something that encouraged me also.

Thanks again,

Frances Pearcy  ( finally an Auditor A)

P.S.  Enjoy an Ice Cream Sandwich


We were certified by WBENC as a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB).